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Plozza Franciacorta Riserva 2-min.jpg

100% Pinot Noir

6 months in french oak barriques

100 months

5-10 years

75 cl

8-10° C


barrel ageing

on lees   


bottle size

serving temp.

info riciclaggio

waste disposal

The Franciacorta Riserva is created from a selection of Pinot Noir grapes and its production is held to the highest quality standards: it is made in limited quantities and only in top vintages after a meticulous vinification and an ageing on the lees of more than one hundred months. Disgorged with no added liqueur, it is a product dedicated to the most demanding wine estimators, who are able to appreciate its pure taste and the unique complexity. With an image characterized by a label created from three different kind of paper with three shades of black combining on each other, united by the bronzed-gold hot foiled stamping of the Plozza logo, it will appeal to those who savour refinement in all its forms.
In a glass characterized by a vivid shimmering and a thin, dense perlage there is no shortage of pleasant fragrance and voluptuous creaminess, with an intriguing depth of aromas in which are perceptible the taste of tea leaves and notes of almonds, honey and jasmine. To the palate the wine proves itself to be fresh, crunchy, vertical.
Food pairing may vary depending on the vintages: from fish main courses to white meat in breadcrumbs, maybe enriched with mushrooms, zucchini and burrata, from truffle risotto to shellfish dishes.

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